To ensure essential electrical supplies remain stable many companies rely on Lyons Instruments for off the shelf and Bespoke power supply conditioning solutions. This ensures the correct voltage is maintained at critical electrical apparatus to maintain reliability and efficiency.

Our latest customer placed an order of 4 Bespoke high power Lyons Instruments Laboratory Power Supplies to resolve this issue, and it has proved to be a great success!

Our customer's requirement for their applications was: Stabiliser Input 240-volt AC, with up to a +-12.5% swing (210-270v), Output to remain at 240 volts +-0.5% (238.0v -241.2V) rated at 19.2KVA (80AMPS).
The stabiliser is to feed a Lyons Instruments motorised Variable Transformer, input 240 volts, output zero to 270 volts @ 75 AMPS, controlled via RAISE and LOWER pushbuttons.
Neon indicators to show stabiliser "ON" and output "ON"

All enclosed in ventilated sheet steel case to 1P22, complete with wheels to help with manoeuvrability at our customer's site.

There were a number of voltage and current monitoring points fitted as specified by our customer to enable easy voltage monitoring and adjustment as required.

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