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  1. August 05, 2019

    New DRO Package for Chester Machine Tools Champion 16V Mill Machine

    We are now stocking a new 3-axis M-DRO Digital Readout Kit with Magnetic Encoders which is custom designed to fit onto the Chester Machine Tools Champion 16V Milling Machine. Click here to view product listing.

    This is a specific kit with CNC machined brackets and step by step, full-colour install guide to assist with the installation. A robust non-contact system with the magnetic encoder being fully sealed to IP67 and flexible armoured cable. Suitable for the 500mm x 140mm table and with minimal modification, this kit would also fit the Warco WM14.

    For more information on our DRO Kits, please
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  2. July 30, 2019

    Review on the Moore & Wright Micrometer Set - Customer Video

    We always welcome reviews from customers (written or video) and we’re very happy to see DoubleBoost have included a short review on their new Moore & Wright Micrometer Set purchased from us.

    Watch the full video here (our review starts from 6:15mins) or to find out more about this Micrometer Set (Part No. MW215-03BL), please click here.

    Alternatively, you can contact our Technical Product Specialist on 01992 455921 or
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  3. July 29, 2019

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Using Baty Profile Projectors

    The world of F1 is the pinnacle of technology in sport, which is why the best equipment and most precise measuring tools are used across all F1 teams.

    In a video posted by Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, it shows Valtteri Bottas being shown around PETRONAS University of Technology in Brackley, including a demo of the Baty SM350 Vertical Profile Projector. Precision and accuracy is an extremely high priority when working with the engineering of a Formula 1 car, hence why Baty Profile Projectors such as the one mentioned can be found in workshops such as those in the PETRONAS University of Technology. You can find the full video
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  4. July 22, 2019

    Using a Linear Rail and Guided Reading Head Carriage (Video)

    M-DRO's Guide Rails allow you to achieve precise results quickly and efficiently, giving you safe and perfectly straight power tool guidance as demonstrated in this video.

    Click here to watch the video and click here to view our range of guided rails.

    Contact our Technical Product Specialists on 01992 455921 for more information and/or a demo.
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  5. July 19, 2019

    Creating a 3D Art Box with Allendale Crafts Tools (Customer Images)

    We enjoy seeing the projects our creative customers take on with the help of using our Allendale Crafts products, this one, in particular, has impressed us. We’ve been sent this in, it’s a 3D Art Box with the theme of the classic Duck Hunt video game.

    It takes a steady hand and precise measuring and cutting, which is why our customer turned to Allendale Crafts for the best tools for the job. The finished article looks fantastic and we look forward to seeing more of this kind of craft in the near future. The tools used for this project from Allendale Crafts were:

    ModelCraft 28mm Rotary Cutter

    ModelCraft Stainless Steel 12"/300mm
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  6. July 18, 2019

    New Item: Bare Conductive Electric Paint – City Circuit Kit

    Transform any piece of paper into an interactive City Themed Circuit with Electric Paint. Provides a fun, hands-on experience with Electric Paint and teaches you how to draw a parallel circuit. No tools, no programming, no wires or special skills required.

    This simple electric circuit kit comes with easy instructions and a clearly marked template, making drawing your circuit as easy as squeezing a tube and tracing a line. Add a battery to power the LED lights and bring your circuit city to life. Anyone can take on this project as it is a beginners level circuit kit.

    Click here to see how it works with
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  7. July 17, 2019

    How to use the Moore and Wright 612 Series Coaxial Dial Centre Finder (Video)

    In this video, we run through how to correctly use the Moore & Wright 612 Series Coax Dial Centre Finder demonstrated by our Technical Product Specialist and Engineer.

    Watch the full video by clicking here. This precise measuring tool is a precision centre finder which accurately positions the tool axis, centrally to the workpiece. It’s supplied with 6 touchpoints for internal and external alignment and has an internal bore measuring range of 300mm and maximum external diameter of 300mm can be achieved using the feelers provided.

    During operation, the dial indicator
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  8. July 11, 2019

    Mitutoyo QuantuMike Micrometer – Rated No.1 for Machinists

    A recent Top 5 Digital Micrometers for Machinists article put together and published by Practical Machinist have given the crown to Mitutoyo 293-185, 0 – 1″ IP65 QuantuMike.

    The QuantuMike provides users with an excellent measuring experience with higher speed, quality and stability than ever before owing to the integration of sophisticated manufacturing and processing technologies. Trials show that a reduction in positioning times of 60% and measuring times of 35% can be obtained, compared with a conventional Micrometer. It’s also IP65 Rated which makes this Micrometer extra safe in the workshop as it’s dust and coolant-proof.

    Currently on sale (as per
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  9. July 09, 2019

    Official Review of the Machine-DRO Height Gauge – Full Customer Review

    It’s always great to hear feedback from customers about products they’ve purchased from us, this customer, in particular, is an official reviewer and has written a review on his newly purchased Machine-DRO 300mm (12") Height Gauge.

    To read his review on his Concretedog Blog Page, please click here – it’s a fantastic read and a great insight on what to expect when you buy this item.
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  10. July 05, 2019

    Taking a Spin on the Bottle Cap Challenge

    Our Allendale Ultrasonic Technical Product Specialist isn’t just a professional when it comes to all things Ultrasonic Cleaning, Kassim is also skilled in Martial Art as you can see by our own version of the Bottle Cap Challenge.

    You can watch the full video here (with some bloopers included). Click here to watch the video.

    NOTE: No bottles of Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid were harmed in the making of this video.
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