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Shield Technology

Shield Technology is a manufacturer of high specification specialist corrosion inhibiting products. Our products have been selected by a diverse range of users as being 'best-in-class', offering outstanding protection and excellent value for money. We currently offer a range of products for preventing corrosion of iron and steel and multi-metal components, a Toolcare range - for woodworkers and engineers, an engine storage/inhibiting fluid range used by the aeronautical industry and classic car sector, as well as a range of products designed for museums, collectors and conservators


  • Thermo and Pressure Meters
    Wide range of Thermo and Pressure meters at great prices. Same Day Dispatch
  • Discontinued Products
    Our range of discontinued products. These will not be restocked and have been superseded by newer models.
  • Variable Transformers
    Shop for variable transformers. Same Day Dispatch.
  • Oscilloscopes
    Shop our range of Oscilloscopes & Accessories supplies & accessories. Same Day Dispatch. Browse our latest Oscilloscopes & Accessories offers
  • Multi-meters
    Shop our range of Multimeters & Accessories supplies & accessories. Same Day Dispatch. Browse our latest Multimeters & Accessories offers.
  • Claude Lyons
    Claude Lyons have been supplying customers with high-grade variable transformers, stabilisers and more since 1918
  • Voltage Stabilisers
    Wide range of Voltage Stabilisers from Lyons Instruments
  • Current Clamp and Power Meters
    Shop for Current Clamp and Power Meters. Same Day Dispatch
  • Replacement Parts
    Shop for replacements parts for variable transformers and voltage stabilisers
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